3 Reasons why your UX design is damaging your business.

User experience is basically how the user interact with your platform forming an intellectual and emotional response to the process and visual feel. The goals is to form a positive experience for users to facilitate their journey through the website or platform.

1) Yes, simple design matters

While multiple layout elements can be really tempting and thought to be creative, it is actually a tricky situation since it can ruin your user chances to continue to use the website. It can be really distracting and annoying creating noise to stop your user from focusing on why they are using it, setting their attention off, or simply difficult to use. Reducing the effort to navigate through pages is really effective to increase conversion rate -percentage of visitors who convert into customers-.

2) “First impression lasts”

First impressions form in the very first few seconds, it unapologetically affects whether you’d like to use a website or not! Humans make snap judgments everyday, speak what they think and share their opinions. Likely, Your business website is going to be part of your visitor talk creating a sort of marketing called “word-of-mouth”, either negative or positive.

3) How many websites like yours out there?

Think about your design as the actual face of your business brand, is it unique enough to stand out from the tough competition? Is it user-friendly enough to be easy to use? There many websites promoting similar content to yours but the real challenge is how to provide a valuable experience to build trust and keep your clients close.

What to do next

There is no perfect one-fit-for-all design, but to consider important user metrics after getting close to your users through research on your target, analysis and testing. Investing time and money in UX is a win-win investment saving you the cost of redesigning and fixing usage faults while providing a pleasurable experience to use your website which on the long run can create a sense of desire to re-visit your website in the future. There are fundamentals that any design must be evaluated for can be done by design experts such as usability testings and UX factors.